We are a London based clothing manufacturer established to help you start or grow your fashion brand like a pro

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How it works

1) Consultation and Design Development

This steps involves two* consultations. The first to establish your business needs and how we can work together. The second is a detailed consultation to understand your brand requirements, vision and designs in order to develop a detailed project brief and garment development process.

*Established brands can skip these stages if they are further in their development stage and can provide a tech pack for a quotation.


2) Sample design and garment production

During this stage we create your patterns, toile samples, final samples and manufacture your clothing in bulk. After the first stage we begin creating your patterns* based on your reference tech packs, images, sketches or physical samples. Toile samples are then created and sent for approval.  Once this is approved along with the final sample, we then move to clothing manufacturing at MOQ.

*If your patterns and samples are already created then we can review them and move forward to production.



3) Delivery and post production services

We aim to deliver your samples within 1-3 weeks and garment production within 4-8 weeks depending on quantity, how busy we are and how complex the styles are. This will be communicated to you accordingly during initial conversations. We ship all over the world with DHL…

What We Offer

At Jaola Workshop we specialise in creating custom clothing designs for our clients.
We develop your clothing garments from either London, UK or Lagos, Nigeria and conduct initial conversations from London, UK. We provide all the services to help you create your garments from scratch to finish. Jaola Workshop clothing manufacturers are here to help you start from the ground up or grow your clothing brand to build a successful fashion business. We draw our own extensive experience in the fashion industry, to assist and cater to emerging Designers and established brands in the UK, US, Germany, Dubai, Nigeria and Rest of World.

Clothing Production

We will work with you to produce your clothing and collections from concept through to garment production.


Thorough Brand Consultation


Garment Design Development


Garment Manufacturing

Brand Building

We will work with you to market your clothing and collections from garment production through to advertising.




Digital Marketing


Web design and development

Why Our Clients Choose us

Communication around the clock

We work with you closely from London, UK to ensure your vision is put across with regular 1-1 conversation during the process. Should you produce in Lagos, Nigeria, we will connect you with our workshop to ensure timely and seemless communication.

Low minimum order

Our MOQ is 60 pieces. We produce small batches which helps you save money and time, you can easily scale and grow your brand without any headaches. You can easily market, analyse and maximise your revenue. This process allows you to order as you grow in small quantities. You can do up to 5 designs within MOQ. 


We value being ethical when manufacturing clothing, it’s an important part of our ethos that we are ethical and sustainable. We manufacture all of the garments we make in either London or Lagos we value being ethical and sustainable. We ensure we keep fabric waste to a minimum and offer fair wage for the teams hard work.
Our clients sells their clothing all around the world.
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Ship around the world

Fast & Reliable delivery via DHL or Cargo. We ship all around the World. Once your order is ready for dispatch, we will send you an invoice to cover the shipping of your parcel.

Jaola Workshop Clothing Manufacturer – Servicing worldwide

We provide all the services to help you create your garments from scratch to finish.

In order for us to support the growth of your brand, we additionally provide one on one consultancy services, this is a service for those who do not have much knowledge in the fashion industry or just need extra support with the manufacturing process. 

You can choose to have your samples developed in London and production in Lagos or samples and production in Lagos.

Mass producing your garments in Lagos, Nigeria supports the people who live in Nigeria who have amazing skills at producing high quality garments, you will also in return be supporting the economy. Manufacturing with us, Jaola Worshop London clothing manufacturer,  also supports other local businesses such as fabric suppliers as well as packaging and labelling suppliers.


Constructed In Our Shop

Designed & Cut to Perfection

Only the Finest Materials

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s only right that you have some questions. Here are some of the questions our previous clients asked before choosing to work with us.

What is the minimum order?

Our MOQ is 60 units. This can be split between various styles. Then broken down further into different colour options and sizes.

What if i do not have sketches of my designs?

In order to bring your design to life, the first step is to get a clear illustration of your design to visualise the concept, convey certain mood behind your vision and communicate your idea. We can support you with this process and help you bring your sketches to a 2D design.

How long will delivery take?

During Sample stage it may take 10-15 working days depending on the complexity and how many samples we produce for you

From when your sample is approved. Production may take  3- 8 weeks, depending on how large the order is, how complex the styles are and how busy we are.

Can I use my own fabrics?

Yes, you can choose to use your own fabrics. This will need to be delivered to our workshop in time for your production.

Alternatively, we offer fabric sourcing for our clients. We will send you swatches of materials or videos and pictures. Once you decide to get the fabric we will send you an invoice so we can purchase the fabrics accordingly.