The fashion industry accounts for 10% of the world’s carbon emissions. Well, that’s a staggering amount! From Australian forest fires to the Western Droughts – considering all that has happened this year – it has become more important than ever to take strict measures for environmental sustainability.

Well, if you’re starting a clothing brand and wish to incorporate sustainability, then you’re in luck. Sustainable fashion exists! But, before proceeding, let us get one thing clear. Sustainable and ethical fashion are two different terms.

Sustainable fashion refers to creating clothes while minimizing the negative impact on the environment. Comparatively, ethical fashion addresses moral issues, like animal testing and labor wages.

Sure, your brand can be both sustainable and ethical. But, you will need to approach both aspects of the brand differently. In this post, we will discuss 4 – simple yet effective steps to build a sustainable clothing brand. Read more!

Define your Clothing Brand

First of all, you should define the foundation of your clothing brand. What objectives will it achieve besides sustainability? Does your brand have particular values and beliefs? It’s best to make a mission statement to outline your brand’s goals.

Then, focus on creating a solid design concept. What will be your products, and how will they look? Will you offer all clothing items or specific ones? Dedicate a big chunk of time designing your products. You can also use a mood board to come up with innovative ideas for colors, patterns, and overall style.

Also, think regarding who your target audience will be. Do you want to sell your sustainable fashion products to all or a particular age group/profession/gender? You may want to make an ideal customer persona. It helps in designing new products, setting prices, etc.

Choose the Right Manufacturer

The next step is to find the appropriate manufacturer for the product development. These people will help you turn the sketched designs into real-life, stellar clothes. Since you’re building a sustainable brand, you would want to choose a manufacturing facility with the same mission as yours.

At Jaola Workshop Clothing Manufacturer London, we specialize in producing high-quality, custom designs for fashion brands. Be it dresses or trendy tops – we have got your back! We are also proud to be a sustainable and ethical clothing manufacturer based in the UK. Our vigilant development process reduces fabric waste and preserves natural resources like water.  Plus, we maintain quality working conditions for our team and ensure fair compensation.

Ensure Sustainability in All Aspects

It might be wrong to think that building eco-friendly products can make your brand sustainable. There is a lot that goes into brand building. You have to do the paperwork, outsource materials, arrange to package, confirm deliveries, and whatnot. All these tasks impact our environment too.

As a sustainable fashion brand, you must monitor these aspects as well. Incorporate the use of technology and replace the printed papers with e-documents. Make use of biodegradable, eco-friendly packaging, and so on.

Market and Grow your Brand

Once you have brand setup and manufacturing in process, focus on the next important step that is growth. You simply cannot expect to generate handsome revenue and succeed without putting out the products to the world.

Use social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook to advertise your clothing brand to a wider audience. Run campaigns and analyze results to create promising strategies.

At Jaola Workshop Clothing Manufacturer London, we also provide marketing services. From website to successful social media handles, we can assist you in generating leads and revenue. Please visit our services page for more details.

Final Words

Summing it up, building a sustainable clothing brand is quite simple. Just follow the steps stated above carefully, and you will have a glamourous fashion line ready in no time.

We hope this article helped resolve your queries. In case of any questions, do comment down below to let us know!