Clothing Production With Jaola Workshop

Three step clothing production process with Jaola Workshop clothing manufactures in London.

Step 1: Design Development

In order to bring your design to life, the first step is to get a clear illustration of your design to visualise the concept, convey certain mood behind your vision and communicate your idea. This will help us understand how your design will potentially look on a body to ensure we have the right proportions.

Once the illustration is complete, we will need to produce your tech pack. These give us everything we need to turn your designs into samples. The document will contain specific information such as fabric type, fabric compositions, sewing techniques, sizes & proportions.

We will go through an In Depth Design Consultation to ensure that we have all the necessary requirements to start creating your designs. This can take between 1-2 weeks depending on the number of designs you have.



Step 2: Pattern & Sample Development

Once we have concluded with your tech pack, we will proceed with making your pattern & sample.

No matter what the product type or composition we will ensure that your garments are made to the highest quality. We’ll guide you through the Sample Development process and keep the communication clear in order to turn your ideas into a sample you can touch, feel and fit for the first time.

Creating your own garments requires patterns. Patterns are needed when you mass produce a style. We will use your patterns as a guide to create the garments. We use patterns to ensure each garment is as similar to each as possible during production. At Jaola Workshop Clothing Manufacturer London, we will develop your patterns for you either in London or at our Lagos Workshop. 

This process also includes:

  • 1-1 Design Review
  • Pattern Drafting, Cutting
  • Toile Sample Prototype
  • Final Sample

Stage 3: Production

At Jaola Workshop Clothing Manufacturer our MOQ (minimum order quantity) is 60 units which can be split between various styles and broken down further into different colour options and sizes.

Within the MOQ of 60 units we can do a maximum of 5 different designs. For example: 12 UNITS PER STYLE X 5 STYLES = 60 UNITS 

Once you are happy with your final samples, your patterns are then graded and made to ready for production. We then start the cutting process and reproduce your designs in mass.

​Our MOQ can be split between various colours, fabrics and sizes. 

​Clothing productions lead times will vary depending on the following factors:

  • How many styles you would like to put into production
  • How busy we are – how many other clients have productions in the queue
  • If you have all of your fabrics and trims ready
  • Complexity of the styles, please note some garments may take longer to make and others within less time, we will discuss all the requirements during our consultation.


Ready to start your Clothing Production with Jaola Workshop?